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Last Modified on November 21, 2015!!


I am announcing my plans to retire by the end of the year. All prices on new reels and other gear have been reduced at least 30% and most of the little that's left is reduced even more. Prices have also been adjusted lower on almost all the items on my Misc./Used page. Enjoy the shopping. This has been completely updated as of 11/8. The numbering on the Misc./Used page is new as I've deleted everything that sold to make it easier to navigate what's available. Look carefully, as I've added a few things very recently, and well continue to add more every few days.

Not long ago I realized I forgot one thing when I originally announced the closeout sale. When Jack Charlton passed several years ago I immediately put most of my available Mako inventory in a safe in my basement. While I have no compelling reason to want to move these, I will sell them if you're willing to pay a 20% premium over the current Mako price. I held these back expecting prices to skyrocket if Mako should discontinue the reels, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon even though Judy Charlton retired earlier this year. I won't list what I have available, but if you'll contact me I'll see if I have what you want. Again, these are all made by Jack's own hands. Almost all are Type III black.

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