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Last Modified on July 26, 2015!!

A brand new revision of the Misc./Used listing was uploaded recently.

I have two Mako reels (both 9600S Type III modles, one LH and one RH) and four Mako spools that are business owned (brand new) and need a home. For a small premium over the current retail you can have your Mako now rather than months down the road. Call or e-mail to find out what's available. They are all Type III glossy finish and new in-the-box.

I've removed the Peerless reel page from my menu, but I still have one #77 reel in LH new-in-the-box. The price is still $649.00. Let me know if this interests you.

Please take a close look at the New Reels pages for Megoff, TFO, Shilton, Cheeky, Sea Level, and Willow reels as I've adjusted the prices in various ways to increase interest.

The Beulah SERUM lines that many of you have been waiting for have arrived. Designed specifically for their overhead two handed rods, they'll work quite nicely with many single handed rods as well some switch rods. Call or e-mail me for more information on them.

The new Beulah Opal, GSII, and Onyx series of rods have arrived. I just spent three weeks fishing the Opal single-handers and they are spectacular!

Just Reels is delighted to have become a Willow Reels dealer. That page is up and the reels are in stock. The webpage has a few tweaks that are still needed (frame diameters, photos captions and another photo or two) but otherwise it's all there. Find Willow Reels under the new reels menu. Frankly, the photos don't even do the reels justice. These areabsolutely gorgeous, bench-made, and reasonably priced.

I've been an Echo rod dealer for several years, but I've always been pretty quiet about it. By the same token, I've been waiting for the right glass rod to come down the pike so that I might be able to jump on it. Last fall Echo announced a series of lightweight fiberglass flyrods to be available in January. Well, I just got my shipment in. I like them and will get a chance to fish one fairly soon. Many of the new glass rods have been priced alongside some of the top end graphite, with $600.00+ not totally unusual. The big thing I like about the Echo rods is the $200.00 price tag. Four rods, from a 6'3" 2 weight to a 7'10" 5 weight. All are three piece. I have them all in stock. Call or e-mail me today!

I've also decided to focus my flyline business behind Airflo. More and more I've been switching my personal lines in that direction so it only makes sense to do it with the business as well. On that note, see a closeout of Monic lines, including both some lightly used ones and 30% off on brand new-in-the box lines.

I've recently received notice that Ross Reels is now the place for repairs of Charlton reels. It's a bit convoluted, but Orvis bought Scientific Anglers last year which included Charlton, and recently Orvis sold Ross to the Mayfly Group which includes Abel. Included with that was the rights to Chalrton. So all Charlton repairs have to be routed to Ross Reels in Montrose, Colorado. Call or e-mail me for more specifics. The Charlton repair information including the required form is here:

Great News! Vladimir Rachenko is making fly reels again. I was a dealer for VR Design back around 2007, but he eventually moved onto other interests. He's back with his incredible titanium trout reel designs at realistic prices. That page is active on this site. Check it out! The reels have arrived. They look terrific. l have more specifics on what came in on the VRDesign page of this site.

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