How Much Does It Cost to Paint an Apartment?

Whether you’re a landlord trying to attract new tenants or a tenant trying to improve the look of your interior, you probably want to know how much it would cost you to paint the interior of your apartment.  

Though the process is the same, the cost of painting a house will be a lot different from painting an apartment.  

Today, we’re going to share with you a couple of things you should know about the cost of interior painting of your apartment. 

Average Cost of Painting and Apartment 

Depending on the size of your apartment, the average cost to paint it can run around $1,000 to $3,500.  

The cost mentioned above only includes materials and labor expenses. You should expect it to increase if you have extras such as trim, wallpaper removal, and wall repairs.  

Should the Landlord Pay for the Job? 

On average, the cost of painting an apartment varies from $1 to $6 per square foot. You should always keep in mind that your out-of-pocket expenses to paint the property depend on three factors. This includes materials, labor, and square footage.  

Furthermore, if you are a tenant, the landlord might contribute to the cost of painting the apartment.  

If your landlord doesn’t want to contribute to the cost, it might not be worth it to paint the apartment unless it is necessary.  

Should You Hire a Professional? 

Whenever you hire a professional painter to paint your apartment, you can guarantee a high-quality paint job. However, you should expect to spend more since you’ll be paying for labor.  

Still, hiring a professional painter is your best bet if you want high-quality painting services that are easy and fast with beautiful results.  

A reliable and professional painter will make the process a lot painless for you. They will finish the job in a short time. Thus, you can enjoy your newly painted apartment as soon as possible. 

Should You Paint the Apartment Yourself? 

If you want to save money, you can consider painting the apartment on your own. However, this does not mean you won’t need to spend anything. The cost of DIY painting is more than just the physical cost.  

You also have to consider the time when you want to paint your apartment yourself. The reason for this is that you’ve got to invest a huge amount of effort and time to make sure you’re doing it properly.  

The cost of DIY painting will run around $500 to $1000. However, this does not include the time you need to invest.  

Depending on the quality of the paint, a gallon will cost you around $30 to $80. Typically, a 350-square-feet room will only need a single gallon of paint.  

Furthermore, you’ll probably need a second coat of paint. This means that you’ll need several additional gallons of primer and paint to get the job done properly.  

Aside from that, you will also need basins, tape, rollers, brushes, and more. Though you can always purchase cheap materials, you’ll need the expensive ones if you want the best results.